Zoe Galvez

Company Member since 2003
Coach since 2003

Zoe Galvez is a professional scripted and improvisational actor with a background in theatre and dance. She has performed locally (Magic Theatre, The Marsh), nationally (New York), and abroad (Canada, Australia) in theatrical productions including adaptations of Dickens’ Hard Times and Melville’s Moby Dick.

She appeared in the West Coast premiere of Sam Shepard’s Eyes for Consuela at the Magic Theatre. That company brought her back as understudy for the female lead in the world premiere of Shepard’s The Late Henry Moss at Theatre on the Square, featuring Academy Award-winning actors Sean Penn and Woody Harrelson and directed by Sam Shepard.

In addition to her stage work, Zoe has appeared in commercials, film, and television (Visa, Dodge Ram, California Tourism, Parenthood, Nash Bridges), corporate trainings (Kaiser Permanente, Apple Computers, Adobe), and industrials (Sony, Cisco, and Elevon with John Cleese) and provided more than 100 voiceovers (Macy’s, Sprint, Battles of Exigo, Scooby Doo Interactive). Her favorite voiceover line ever is “I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids and your pesky dog!”

She teaches improv to individuals and groups and has worked with corporate clients such as Twitter, cPrime, Kaiser Permanente, Yelp, and Oracle.

In her spare time, she trains her cat. He can “sit” and “ring a bell” on command. Some argue that her cat has trained her.

Zoe is represented by STARS, the Agency.