Guest Coach

Pam McLeod loves the creative magic of improv, and wants to share that joy with everyone. An environmental engineer by training, she signed up for her first improv class in 2007 to get out of the lab.

She now facilitates improv workshops nationally and internationally, and often incorporates improv exercises into oral communication and teambuilding trainings with her environmental engineering students. She has also taught improv to middle school students in Redwood City, and co-coached the improv team at Archbishop Riordan High School in San Francisco.

Pam was a founding member of improv troupes Stretlight People and The Occupants. She has performed as a guest with BATS, Out of Line, and Spontaneous Combustion, and acted in various roles for the Go Game. She has also improvised lights for a wide variety of show formats, for groups including BATS, Secret Improv Society, and Awkward Dinner Party.

Offstage, Pam can be found talking to garden plants, halfway up a climbing wall, or singing silly songs.