Paul Killam

Company Member since 1989
Coach since 1987

Paul was born in Stanford, California, grew up in Davis, and received a degree in Dramatic Arts from UC Davis. After graduating he moved to Seattle, where he became involved in Theatresports™. He played his first match just before BATS Improv was created in 1986.

Paul moved to San Francisco in 1989, became a member of the BATS Main Stage Company (then called “The Varsity”), Pulp Playhouse, and helped form True Fiction Magazine. He has gone on tour with the San Francisco Mime Troupe, participated in The Weber Family Christmas and is a film and commercial actor.

Paul served as the first Artistic Director of BATS from 1996 to 1998 and has played Theatresports in Seattle, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, Palm Springs, Stanford, and Sydney, Australia.