Yael Schy is a dynamic theater and dance instructor, improviser, storyteller, singer/songwriter, and stand-up comedian known for her creative approach to learning and performance. Yael has been performing and teaching theater and dance to people of all ages for almost 50 years. She is the director of All That Jazz, a Bay Area musical improv troupe, and a founding member of the Applied Improvisation Network, an international association of business professionals and academics who use improv tools, experience, and theory for human development, training, and coaching in communities and organizations. In her spare time, Yael writes original jazz and blues songs!

Professionally, Yael is a leader in using expressive arts in both organizational and community-based learning and development. She is principal of Dramatic StridesĀ® Consulting, specializing in leadership development, communication skills, teambuilding and creative decision-making techniques that help people and organizations move forward together. By combining her 20 years of leadership development and facilitation experience with her decades of expertise in improvisational theater and dance, Yael helps individuals, teams, organizations, and communities to connect body, mind, and heart. Her passion is helping people learn how to work together across generational and cultural divides, in order to build community and achieve their common goals.Ā