Laura felt she was stepping off a cliff when she attended her first BATS class in 2005, yet she stuck with it and credits improv for overcoming her shyness and self-consciousness. She surprised herself further by discovering a passion for both performing and teaching and believes that everyone can get something life-changing from improv if they so choose. She delights in those moments when something goes ‘click!’ with a student.

Bringing characters with real feelings to the improv stage is a favorite of Laura’s, particularly when they break into song. She has guest performed with several improv troupes and is the founder of ZipLine Improv. She once played Elizabeth Frankenstein in The Bride of Frankenstein, staged entirely in black and white to mimic an old film; she enjoys doing plays but doesn’t have the fortitude for the audition process. Besides, she loves that in improv players can be anyone of any age, gender, or physicality.

Laura started ZipLine Improv in 2017 where she lives in Sonoma County in order to bring more improv classes and shows to those who don’t live near BATS. She can also sometimes be found doing spontaneous interpretive dance with fellow coach Susie Sargent.