Shortform: (usually on Fridays)
fun and fast-paced improvised theatre, filled with scenes, songs, games, and lots of audience participation and suggestions.

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Longform: (usually on Saturdays)
full-length, narrative, genre-driven, completely improvised stories based on audience suggestions.

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In-Person and Online Shows

BATS is pleased to bring back in-person shows! On Saturdays, join us at our BayFront theatre at Fort Mason Center for the Arts. Periodically, we will also bring the show to you via live online streaming. Show location is listed in the title of the show, below. Click the name of the show to register!


Company ShowsStudent Shows & Cave MatchesCommunity Events

BATS Company Shows

For our online shows, click on the show and register to have access to the link to watch the show.

BATS Student Showcases & Cave Matches

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BATS Community Events

Check back in for updates on BATS Community Improv Jams!

*There are currently no jams scheduled* Join the BATS community for an evening of play and improv! The evening will be hosted by Lisa Rowland who will direct players in pairs and small groups. Afterwards there will be time for socializing and connection.
It’s only $5, and it’s for anyone who’s ever taken any class at BATS!


Check out our past online shows!

Here are our most recent shows from our October Re-boot!

10/2/2020: Eavesdropping:

10/3/2020: The BLANK Show!:

10/9/2020: DuoProv:

10/10/2020: Audience Choice:

10/16/2020: This Place Now:

10/17/2020: Boat Court:

10/23/2020: Improv Poets Society:

10/24/2020: Every.Thing.Is.Fine.:

10/30/2020: Spiritual Connection:
*Explicit Content*

11/06/2020: Pulp Playhouse Presents: Tales of Adventure! Crime! Romance! Sci-Fi & Fantasy! and Old Hollywood!

11/07/2020: Puppets!:

11/13/2020: Guest Performers – ‘Storyboard’ with Camilla Franklin & Alex Engelberg:

11/14/2020: Life On Mars:

11/20/2020: Super Sabi!:

11/21/2020: Improvised Black Mirror:

11/27/2020: All Together Now:

11/28/2020: All Together Now:

12/04/2020: Audience Choice:

12/05/2020: Audience Choice:

12/11/2020: Virtual Office Holiday Party:

12/12/2020: Virtual Office Holiday Party:

12/18/2020: Feel-Good Holiday Hallmark Movie:

12/19/2020: Feel-Good Holiday Hallmark Movie:

12/20/2020: Tales of The Longest Night:

01/01/2021: This Place Now:

01/02/2021: Audience Choice:

01/08/2021: This Place Now:

01/09/2021: Audience Choice:


3/27/20: Murder Mystery:

4/3/20: Scenes & a Story:

4/4/20: Murder Mystery:

4/10/20: Film Noir:

4/11/20: The Gather:

4/17/20: Virtual Office Drama:

4/18/20: Micetro:

4/25/20: Snapshot:

5/1/20: Soap Opera:

5/2/20: The Blank Show:

5/8/20: Eavesdropping:

5/15/20: Virtual Office Drama:

5/16/20: Virtual Office Drama:

5/22/20: Film Noir:

5/23/20: Film Noir:

5/29/20: The Actor’s Nightmare:

5/30/20: The Blank Show!:

6/05/20: The Blank Show!:

6/12/2020: The Bechdel Test:
**With Guest Interviewee Reyna Brown**

6/13/2020: The Bechdel Test:
**Guest performance by Ready Players One**

6/19/2020: Beach House:

6/20/2020: Beach House:
**Student Showcase: Game Show Improv Hosted by Chris Sams**

6/26/2020: The Blank Show!:
**With special guests: Coco Buttah and Elsa Touche**

6/27/2020: Eavesdropping:

7/03/2020: Eavesdropping:

7/10/2020: The Blank Show!:

7/11/2020: Stories of America:

7/17/2020: Improvised Shakespeare:

7/18/2020: Improvised Shakespeare:

7/24/2020: The Blank Show!:
**Guest Performance by Ready PlayersOne!**

7/25/2020: The Actor’s Nightmare:
**Student Showcase: Improvised Shakespeare**

7/31/2020: Eavesdropping:
**Student Showcase: Eavesdropping**

8/07/2020: Student Showcase: Improvised Shakespeare:

8/14/2020: Student Showcase: Performance 101:

8/15/2020: Student Showcase: Pulp Playhouse Stories:

8/22/2020: Student Showcase: Performance 101:

8/28/2020: Student Showcase-A-Palooza Featuring the Bechdel Test & The Actor’s Nightmare:

8/29/2020: Student Showcase: The Actor’s Nightmare:

Shows every Friday and Saturday

The BATS Main Stage Company performs every Friday and Saturday night at 8:00. Shows are either virtual or take place in BATS’ Bayfront Theater at historic Fort Mason Center in San Francisco’s scenic Marina District. Shows change every month.


Accessibility Accommodations


To request accommodations for performance and classes please send requests to us at

The Bay Front theatre is wheelchair accessible and Closed captioning is available for all of our Live Performances in Zoom, and available on recordings of Virtual performances on Facebook and Youtube.

For more information about accessibility at BATS Improv or to request an accommodation please contact us at least two weeks before your scheduled class or performance.

Map & Nearby

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At Fort Mason Center: 
The Interval 
(bar w/ snacks)
Greens (upscale vegetarian)
Off the Grid (food truck festival)

Our Favorites Near by:
 (roman-style pizzeria)
Patxi’s Chicago Pizza (pizza)
Plant (organic vegetarian)
Plutos (fresh american)
Tacolicious (untraditional taqueria)
The Tipsy Pig (gastropub)

Explore all the great restaurants on Chestnut Street