Guest Coach

David “Rez” Graham is an improviser specializing in long-form improv.  In 2014, he founded The Iron Stage, an improv group that performs stories in the style of Game of Thrones and performs in San Francisco.  Rez was also in two independent feature films which have been shown at several film festivals around the world.

Along with his current projects, Rez has created and performed with several other groups.  He created a theatersports group called The Slackers as well as an improvised medical soap opera group called San Francisco 94105.  He has performed a number of other improv formats with various groups including The Harold, Super Scene, genre long-form shows (sci fi, fantasy, horror, western, etc.), improvised stage plays, and more.

Rez has spent most of his professional career as a software engineer for video games, specializing in artificial intelligence.  He has been mentoring other engineers and students for many years and has spent the last four years teaching programming at the Academy of Art University.  He is currently self-employed teaching programming and improv.