Company Member

Lisa began her improv journey after reading Keith Johnstone’s “Impro” and deciding she was going to find and meet the man himself. Ever the groupie, this fortuitously led her to BATS, where she began her improv training. She has since performed in festivals throughout the country, and is a founding member of the improv groups, The Streetlight People and The Five Deadly Improvisers, the latter of which brought to life fully improvised kung-fu action stories. She has also guest performed with various groups including Secret Improv Society, Social Studies Improv, Un-Scripted, and Hawaii’s ImprovHI, On the Spot, and puppet improv, Dicks and Jane. She has taught and facilitated improv workshops in the US and internationally.

Lisa also enjoys performing in scripted theatre. She has appeared in numerous plays over the years. One of her favorite roles was appearing as Queen Elizabeth, Ronald Reagan and Adolf Hitler in the same production.