Ethan Karson

Company Member since 2014

A native of Massachusetts, Ethan Karson has been an improv performer for more than ten years. He trained in Los Angeles with Cynthia Szigeti, who also taught Conan O’Brien and Lisa Kudrow. He was a member of the main stage sketch and improv companies at the Acme Comedy Theatre, where he wrote as well as acted.

Ethan joined the BATS community as a student in 2009 and played in Cave Match teams in 2011 (“Live Studio Audience,” an improvised sitcom) and 2012 (“The No. 1 Ladies Improv Agency,” an improvised pirate adventure). His first appearance on the BATS main stage was as a company guest, beginning in 2012.

Ethan performed with Pixar’s in-house improv troupe the IMPROVibles for five years. When he’s not on stage, Ethan works as a software engineer, making up code.