John Remak

Company Member since 2004
Coach since 2004

John joined the BATS Company in 2004 and served as Artistic Director from 2008 to 2011.

Prior to joining BATS, John was a performing member of Flash Family, another long-running San Francisco improv company. John has been a guest performer with many improv groups, including SNAFU, Those Improv Guys, and the acclaimed True Fiction Magazine.

John has also appeared in numerous unscripted play-length hits, such as the soap opera send-up Liquid Soap, the semi-scripted Bar None, the Rocky-style Underdog, and the doctor drama Emotional Hospital, which he also directed and produced.

In addition to performing, John has been teaching improv for more than 20 years. He has also written, directed, and performed in dozens of industrial shows.

John is a proud San Francisco native, a pretty good Etch A Sketch artist, and a practicing California attorney in his spare time.