Shortform: (usually on Fridays)
fun and fast-paced improvised theatre, filled with scenes, songs, games, and lots of audience participation and suggestions.

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Longform: (usually on Saturdays)
full-length, narrative, genre-driven, completely improvised stories based on audience suggestions.

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What Our Clients Say

For over 30 years, our BATS Improv @ Work corporate training program has worked with hundreds of companies in tech, healthcare, finance, legal, marketing, PR, advertising, consumer products, media, education, transportation, and in the non-profit sector as well. We look forward to customizing an engaging program that meets your company’s needs and exceeds your expectations

“I’ve been at Qualia for just over a year and in that time our team has more than doubled in size. As a company and a team we’re growing at a rapid pace and with so many new additions to the team we were looking for an activity where we could really get to know each other in a fun, relaxed, and stress-free environment. With being a marketing team, we strive to constantly think outside of the box for inventive and creative ways to do our job, and oftentimes that means taking risks. I think a bit part of the workshop not only taught us about risk taking but even more importantly helped us to strengthen the trust among each other and know that even if we’re taking a big risk we have a great team to fall back on who is supporting us.

Ultimately the workshop truly allowed us to get to know our teammates better, and in turn has lead to a more productive work environment and more open communication. It also didn’t hurt that the workshop was SO fun and allowed all of us to relax and get to know each other outside of a traditional work setting.”

– Andrea Morse, Field Marketing Manager, Qualia


Corey & Jo ran a fantastic session for our team. We made deeper connections, used our brains in ways we don’t always at work, and had a ton of fun. I would love to bring them back as often as we can and recommend them to anyone looking for a great team activity!

– Elyse Fretz, Manager – Strategy & Transformation, ZS Associates


Rebecca did a great job leading people from my company’s technology team. It was super relaxed and easy to do for someone without any experience. It’s like applied meditation, where you try to be present to others and your own ideas. Lots of great applications to the workplace, working with others and especially listening. Highly recommended!

– Sam Fahlberg, Senior Software Engineer, One Medical


We recently had BATS lead our company team-building event for all-company annual summit.  We worked with Corey to customize a program that would resonate cross-functionally for all teams, while fostering unity in areas that could be applied to the workplace. He designed a program that not only targeted our desired goals, but ultimately led to positive enlightenments that we didn’t foresee. For the most part, the employees were not at all familiar with improv but all of the feedback collected after the conclusion of the event solidified the success and eager reception of the program.  We’re looking forward to more opportunities to expand into these types of programs.  In other words, highly recommend!

– Victoria Vitalie, Ginger

I highly recommend BATS Improv @ Work for anyone who’s looking for a fun team-building activity that also leads to positive ways of working. Whether it’s “yes, and”, active listening, or being free to fail, everything is applicable in the work place. While most people were nervous going in, everyone came out with a smile on their face and a spring in  their step, surprised at how much fun they had.

– Liza Darnell, Senior Director, CLIF Brand Portfolio at Clif Bar & Company


Corey did a wonderful job custom building an improv team building workshop for our 18-person group. Our goals were to get to know each other better and to have the skills learned from first-time improv exercises translate over to the workplace, and we accomplished just that! Thank you for a job well done, Corey!

– Erica Johnson, Co-Founder, Modern Health


The BATS team did an amazing job. They were able to connect the fundamentals of improv to everything we were trying to accomplish in a business sense.

— Christopher Koch, NBC Universal


I recommend BATS training to any organization that wants to have creative people that cooperate and cooperative people that create, assuming they can stand the fun.

— Randy Nelson, Dean of Pixar University, Pixar Animation Studios



Our whole team was talking about how the session exceeded our expectations. [It’s] a unique activity that is meaningful and fun. In [my coworker’s] Will’s words, the session was ‘a really rare combo of fun and relevance not often experienced in team off sites. Our trainer was terrific.’

I hugely appreciated all of the pre-work and thought that went into the session. You are clearly tremendous professionals, and I am so glad that this resource is available for teams!

– Joanne Yun, YouTube Google


The performers were absolutely hilarious! Thank you so much for providing a wonderful cast that put on an extremely entertaining show! Many of the attendees have told me that was definitely the highlight of the day!

– Garrett White, Accenture


Everyone told me after the session that they enjoyed the improv training immensely. I think this was the most fun we’ve ever had as a team together, and on the side we got to practice some really useful skills for our job without even noticing it (storytelling, listening, spontaneous reacting and speaking, being creative …). This was a fantastic session.

– Helen Schoch, Google

It was a very successful program. [The BATS trainers] energized the group. Their exercises brought us together as clinicians in ways we had not experienced before.

– Dr. Scott Abramson, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group



BATS Improv provided SAP with a great team building session! The team building exercises were listed as one of the highlights at our 2-1/2 day off-site meeting. [The trainers] were professional, funny, and encouraging. The group laughed a lot and learned how to communicate better.

– Marie Goodell, SAP


[BATS] exceeded our expectations. It was nothing but enjoyable for everyone.

– Foote Cone & Belding





I wanted to let you know how completely amazed and delighted our entire office was with Friday’s training sessions. Everyone had a wonderful time, we learned a lot, and we got to know each other really well, which was the primary goal of our day. There have been many many comments about what a great teacher [the trainer] is, and how people truly enjoyed the day (and they want to know when we can do it again).

Thank you for helping us set it up, and thank you for your hard work in making it all happen.

– Paula Jenkins, Tribal DDB San Francisco


We got a lot of benefit out of the session. [Our BATS trainer] was great to work with, was very comfortable with our group, and I felt like we were able to cover a lot of ground in the short time we were together. The energy he brought in helped us all get engaged and really interact in a whole new way with each other. It was very illustrative of how our small team works and collaborates, and inspired us to do more.

The evening of improv was a great way to cap the night and reinforced the lessons of open and helpful communication. Really happy with how things worked out. Hope we can do it again soon.

– Tim Gnatek, Blue Practice, Inc.