Shortform: (usually on Fridays)
fun and fast-paced improvised theatre, filled with scenes, songs, games, and lots of audience participation and suggestions.

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Longform: (usually on Saturdays)
full-length, narrative, genre-driven, completely improvised stories based on audience suggestions.

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Summer 2016 – ELF & SS with Diane Rachel et al S16-08-2290

Elements of Long Form and
Super Scene

Bayfront Theater, San Francisco

Schedule: 10am-5pm (with a 1-hour lunch break) daily,
Monday through Saturday, August 8-13

Class size: 12 students maximum
Class hours: 6 hours of instruction daily for 6 days for a total of 36 hours 
Prerequisite: Significant improv performance experience. If you have any questions about your registration eligibility, please contact Regina Saisi at

This is a class for people who have performance experience, but long to excel in Long Form.

Some of the basic skills people are familiar with will be covered:

                – taking your time and paying attention
                – narrative, especially establishing a strong foundation
                – acting
                – ensemble
                – improvising in genres
                – transitions between scenes
                – locations/activities
                -stage combat for moving safely within active genres

In addition, we will focus on a philosophy that encourages risk taking and buoyancy within various long form structures that will enhance your story telling capabilities while releasing the tension long form structures can impose. 

The last two days of the class will focus on Super Scene, a format that beautifully puts all the long form basics into place.   People will get to choose their own style or genre and direct each other in a variety of stories that contrast each other in a fun, exhilarating structure that embraces the spirit of long form improv at its best.  Participants will have a solid two days of experimenting, exploring and performing long form while weaving in their new found knowledge of acting techniques, stage combat, movement and genre work. 


**Register before June 1st to take advantage of our early registration rate of $579. After June 1st class price increases to $599.**




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