Shortform: (usually on Fridays)
fun and fast-paced improvised theatre, filled with scenes, songs, games, and lots of audience participation and suggestions.

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Longform: (usually on Saturdays)
full-length, narrative, genre-driven, completely improvised stories based on audience suggestions.

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Online: Actor or Improviser? with Zoe Galvez (#23-08-3822)

Online: Actor or Improviser? with Zoe Galvez


Class Date/Time: Tuesdays 7:00-9:00pm // August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Sessions: 5 plus performance showcases

Class size: 12 students maximum

Tuition: $324

Prerequisite: Foundation 3 or coach approval; working actors without improv experience welcome

Email for the code and other eligibility questions.


“The chills and thrills of The Actor’s Nightmare come to life in this class designed to supercharge your performance skills in two vital areas…acting and improv.

Did you know the camera reads your thoughts? It’s time to level up your acting. Learn techniques for on-camera acting which translates to more truthful scenes onstage. What about your improv?

Are you ready to jump into the ultimate justification game?

Half of the session will be spent learning on-camera acting techniques, character development, and script analysis. The other half focuses on amping up your improv by deepening your “”yes and”” skills and your ability to think on your feet.

This class ends with a fun show…based on the format The Actor’s Nightmare developed by Zoe Galvez.

Have you ever had the dream where it’s the day of the exam and you forgot to study? For scripted actors, the equivalent is being in a play but no one has given them a script. In The Actor’s Nightmare, we recreate that moment. The actors have a prepared script and the improvisers (who have never seen the script) riff off their lines. You’ll try both roles in this class, and experience how an actor prepares and how an improviser can make their lines seem like a theatrical play. “

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