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fun and fast-paced improvised theatre, filled with scenes, songs, games, and lots of audience participation and suggestions.

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full-length, narrative, genre-driven, completely improvised stories based on audience suggestions.

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Heart Surgery for Dummies – FMC – L. Doorneweerd (16-07-2378)

Heart Surgery for Dummies
with Guest Coach
Laura Doorneweerd
Saturday, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday, July 16, 2016
Bayfront Theater, San Francisco

Schedule: Class held Saturday, July 16 from 11am-5pm with a half hour lunch break at 2pm
Class length: 6 hours total; 5.5 hours of instruction
Class size: 14 students maximum
Tuition: $112 
Prerequisite: Studio Scene Work and above. If you have any questions about eligibility, contact 

In this workshop you will learn how to bluff every profession. We will work on the routine of the mail sorter, the instruments of a surgeon, and the technique of a sniper. 
The focus will be on the moves and the attitude of different professions. While doing this, you will train conviction and the skill of combining moving and talking.
By taking elements from Viewpoints and physical theatre, we will also explore different ways of expressing emotion and relation through movement. This way, our characters not only look skilled and confident, but we can tell the story by showing it. 
About Guest Coach Laura Doorneweerd

Laura Doorneweerd is an Amsterdam-based improv trainer and performer. She tours the Netherlands and Europe with several improv shows and is a founding member of the Ohana project for young European improvisers.
Laura has been teaching and directing since the age of 19 and ran her own theatre school for 5 years. She is trained in theatre, dance and Business Administration and teaches improv, physical theatre and soft skills. 
Also, her last name is a castle. True story. 


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