Shortform: (usually on Fridays)
fun and fast-paced improvised theatre, filled with scenes, songs, games, and lots of audience participation and suggestions.

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Longform: (usually on Saturdays)
full-length, narrative, genre-driven, completely improvised stories based on audience suggestions.

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About our Training and Workshops

Every organization benefits from having creative, adaptable employees with fine-tuned communication, leadership, and collaboration skills. The only question becomes, “How can they best learn these skills — while having a great time?” We added that last part because it’s what sets our trainings apart, and what makes them so effective. 

BATS’ Improv @ Work will create a training fully customized to your organization’s needs — from enhancing communication skills to team building to creative risk taking, for large or small groups, three hours to multi-day.

We can also work with your organization to design ongoing and resident trainer programs to extend the principles you have learned to other groups and departments, or to create an episodic or ongoing series for your team.

We can bring the training to your organization or an off-site facility, or hold it at our very own 200-seat Bayfront Theater.

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Why should my organization do an improv training?

“Survival is ultimately dependent on the ability to change and evolve.” 

— Charles Darwin

“Improv skills are life skills, and work skills.”

— BATS Improv

Business today moves fast, and adaptable individuals and teams have the advantage. Whether you work for a Fortune 500, a tech startup, or a social justice nonprofit, your team must be able to adapt, create, communicate, and collaborate. 

  • Improv teaches vital skills for coping in a dynamic world. The skills we use to improvise together — listening, spontaneity, focus, flexibility, resilience, intelligent risk taking — help people work better together.
  • Improv is a perfect model for creative collaboration. We can unlock the vast creativity and innovative power of small teams, departments, and whole organizations.
  • Improv gives you powerful communication tools. We can deliver successful methodologies for creating stories, narratives, and dialogue — the type of communication that has the power to inspire team members and compel customers.

The principles and skills of improvisation are identifiable, learnable, and repeatable. And BATS Improv @ Work can teach them to you.

Skills Covered in BATS Improv @ Work Group Training

Teamwork / Collaboration
Teamwork and collaboration are healthy practices for any organization, yet most work groups have too little experience with them to be good team players. Our improv training will strengthen your team’s dynamics, build rapport and trust, and harness the power of making your teammates look good.

Stories help you present ideas. Common stories strengthen teams. Beyond talking and listening, our improv trainings will help you deliver and receive messages and use body language and nonverbal communication cues to enhance your story.

Brainstorming / Unlocking Creativity
Sometimes the best ideas come not by working independently in isolation but by allowing thoughts, hypotheses, and even fancies to bubble up as you and your team play off each other’s contributions. Collaborative, creative problem solving often starts with a blue sky brainstorming session. Our improv training will teach you to express your ideas without self-judgment and learn new ways to listen, think expansively, and build on the ideas of others.

Spontaneity / Flexibility
Successful leaders and companies have something in common with improvisers: We are adaptable, attentive risk takers capable of responding in the moment. Our improv training will help you learn to be present in order to assess the situation, think on your feet, and respond more effectively. 

Organizations need skilled leaders to function effectively. Our improv training will build awareness, commitment, positive approach, risk taking, empathy, and shared control to enhance your ability to contribute to your team’s vision and success. 

Focus / Presence
Being present and staying in the moment are critical to effective communication, collaboration, and leadership. Our improv training will teach your group methodologies for staying focused, even under pressure.

Intelligent Risk Taking
The quality of our stories, and our work, is improved by daring to risk mistakes. In accepting and embracing mistakes, we co-create a greater story. Taking risks fuels creativity, and applying collaborative creativity leads to innovation. Failing gloriously, early and often, good-naturedly, and graciously leads to greater future successes. 

Improv is essentially an ongoing negotiation between players. Our improv training will improve your negotiation and creative problem solving skills by providing you with the tools for listening, inquiry, reading nonverbal cues, connection, trust, thinking on your feet, confidence, creativity, imagining possibilities, and being present (in the moment and with others).

Resilient teams bounce back from unexpected setbacks, or any type of unexpected outcome. Our improv training wil help your group build confidence, manage expectations, respond quickly and positively to change and challenge, and stay calmly energized under pressure.

We’d love to help your organization build these skills while having fun!

Contact us to learn how BATS Improv @ Work programs can be customized for your needs. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what you want or what training might work best — we’re happy to walk you through all the options, and brainstorm a couple more. Improvising fun solutions is what we do best! 


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“It was a great experience and really made our retreat memorable.”

– Improv @ Work client (from anonymous survey)

Contact us to learn how BATS Improv @ Work programs can be customized for your group.
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