Head of School

Stephanie brings 30 years experience as an improviser, having started as an original member of the Stanford Improvisors, TA’ing for Patricia Ryan Madson and learning from the BATS coaches in the early 90s. She has taught improv to students (primarily middle grades, 5th-8th) and has worked as an educator for the last 24 years. She has taught students from preschool through continuing studies, instructing them in several content areas including drama and improvisation. Stephanie is looking forward to applying what she has learned in the classroom to the BATS school — meeting the needs of diverse learners, differentiating instruction to challenge students and allow for continual growth, supporting coaches in pursuing their interests, and creating a safe place for all to learn and grow.

Some specific things that Stephanie is passionate about:
• finding a way to keep the distance learning integrated into the school as we also return to in-person classes
• keeping students involved after their introduction to improv— developing ways for people to continue learning, whether or not they pursue performance.
• making BATS even more inclusive and accessible to diverse student groups.