Rebecca Poretsky

Company Member since 2012
Coach since 2013

Rebecca Poretsky hails from Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY. She began improvising as a SIKO (Smith Improv Komedy Organization) at Smith College in Northampton, MA. She credits improv with keeping her sane there amidst the sheer overwhelm of all the Government and International Relations classes she took in an attempt to learn how to Solve the World’s Problems.

Rebecca has since determined that improv might just be the way to solve the world’s problems. At the least, it provides a great approach to moving through the world and embracing all of its uncertainty, absurdity, humor, and beauty. She is delighted to be able to live and share that philosophy as a BATS player and coach.

In the Bay Area she’s played and directed with improv groups Big City Improv, Crisis Hopkins, and Un-Scripted Theater Company. Rebecca has performed live and video sketch comedy (Crisis Hopkins, the Kasper Hauser Comedy Group) and original solo performance (I Left My Heart in Brooklyn — The Marsh). She starred as Señorita Panochista in Spring Break: The Musical, an original production written and produced by the Mortified team. She has also performed with BRAVA for Women in the Arts in San Francisco and the Bread and Puppet Theater in Vermont and in New York City.

Rebecca is part of the ensemble cast of Flummox and Friends, an independently produced television show that teaches social and emotional skills to quirky kids and families. She also co-wrote and co-starred in Catlandia, a PSA/loving homage to Portlandia.

As a member of the BATS Improv @ Work team, the Applied Improvisation Network, and independently, Rebecca conducts trainings that apply improvisational principles to help teams in businesses and organizations work better together, let go, and have fun.

If she is not performing or teaching improv, you will ideally find Rebecca on her trusty orange bicycle or working on her handstands. Rebecca lives in San Francisco with her spotty dog Pebbles and spends too much time listening to podcasts. Find her online at: