Lisa Safran

Coach since 2013

Lisa Safran began studying theatre at the ACT Young Conservatory. She went on to train at Jean Shelton Studios and then attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Shortly after returning to San Francisco, Lisa began studying improvisation with Jim Cranna. She went on to perform with several improv groups around the Bay Area until she shifted her attention to stand-up comedy for several years, performing at odd little clubs around the U.S. and Canada.

Lisa began teaching elementary school and developed programs for children that used improvisation to support literacy, which really took form while teaching overseas in Thailand. In 2007, Lisa returned to San Francisco and joined the improvisation troupe the Too Many Larrys! and also began studying at BATS Improv.

In 2010 Lisa began presenting her findings on improvisation and literacy at conferences and published, Reading and Writing Come Alive: Using Improvisation to Build Literacy. In 2011, she founded Improv Consultants, a group of creative professionals who provide engaging and enjoyable experiential programs for educators, businesses, and organizations using improvisation.

Lisa is a self-taught musician and in 2010 produced Dreams That Matter, a CD of original music performed by her band the Bitter Mystics. She is currently collaborating with David Norfleet on an album of children’s music.