Kasey Klemm

Company Member since 2000
Coach since 2001

Kasey has served as BATS Artistic Director since 2011. He is a frequent director of Theatresports™, Director’s Cut!, This Just In (the News Show), and other formats including Improvised Shakespeare and Gritty Improvised Western.

As a coach, Kasey has been at the forefront of bringing the work of Sanford Meisner to the improv stage — using repetition to achieve natural and authentic acting and emotion in improvisation.

Kasey’s first exposure to live theatre came when he was in middle school and would spend summers with his aunt, Lianne Roddewig, who was a regular actor with the Woodland Community Theater ensemble. The first play he ever fell in love with was You Can’t Take It with You.

Kasey was first exposed to improvisation in high school. After discovering BATS Improv (via True Fiction Magazine), Kasey and his frequent accomplice, Mike Barnett, founded Devil Mountain Improv League in early 1997, the same year Kasey began taking classes at BATS. In the fall of 2000, Kasey was invited to join the BATS Main Stage Company at the tender age of 20 — an invitation he gladly accepted. Since then he has performed in hundreds (thousands?) of shows at BATS and represented BATS Improv in Theatresports tournaments in Austin, Edmonton, Los Angeles, and Ventura.

In addition to performing with the BATS Main Stage Company, Kasey has performed with BATS Sunday Players, the Belfry, and the longform groups People of Earth! and Improv Factory Outlet. Kasey is an original cast member of The A**hole Monologues and performed the show’s only improvised piece during a heralded run in New York.