Guest Coach


Elizabeth Whalley grew up in Chicago, the land of Second City and has been improvising since the start of the millennium. She has been a member of the improv troupe, Spontaneous Combustion, since it first began in 2009. Spontaneous Combustion uses both the short from and long form formats. Their improvised long forms have included, Mamet, Shakespeare, 80’s musical, Love Boat, Western, Sci-Fi, Andrew Lloyd Weber musical, Twilight Zone, Gilbert and Sullivan, Frank Capra, Disney musical and Buddy Film.

At the Geary Theater, she performed with Corn Nuts, with the Synergy Theater she performed in Backer’s Audition and First Draft. She also performed with the Long Form troupe, Go, and in multiple Cave Matches. She studied acting at ACT, Sanford and with instructors from the Foothill Conservatory.

As a professor at San Francisco State she taught a course in using improv to teach English as a second language. As well as preforming in the Bay Area, she currently teaches improv in Palo Alto.