Chris Sams

Coach since 2005

Chris served eight years as Director of BATS’ Improv@Work (formerly On-The-Go) corporate training programs. He enjoys teaching all levels of series classes, from Foundation 1 to performance classes such as Performance 2 TheatreSports. 

A current trainer-facilitator with BATS’ Improv@Work program, Chris catalyzes teams to develop more connected colleagues and innovative leadership. He has led workshops focusing on a range of business skills, such as communication, adaptability, navigating change, creativity, leadership, presence, storytelling, collaboration, building trust, and enhancing team dynamics. Chris has led workplace workshops for more than 100 companies and corporate teams, including Airbnb, Dropbox, Facebook, Genentech, Google, Kaiser Permanente, McKinsey & Co., NBCUniversal, UC Berkeley Haas Center for Executive Education, Virgin America, and YouTube.  

Chris has performed improv in a variety of groups and settings, from youth arts programs to corporate entertainment events. He began as a BATS’ Sunday Player in 2002. He has guested with Un-Scripted Theatre Company to host more than 50 performances of You Bet Your Improvisor and was an ensemble member of Un-Scripted’s DASH, a freestyle flashform hour-long improv spectacle. He debuted and directed The Blank Show at BATS Improv, where he hosts the improvised game show in various drag venues in San Francisco. He’s appeared on the BATS stage on at least a dozen Cave Match teams, including Pun Direction, The Resistance Will Be improvised, and The Graffiti Linguists.