Carrie Caudle

Carrie Caudle believes that improv has the power to transform.

As a coach and teacher, Carrie witnesses her students and clients develop trust and tap into a level of spontaneity and creativity they didn’t know they had. She supports groups in evolving from a collection of strangers into a cohesive team working together and having a terrifically good time. Carrie began studying improv in 2007 and immediately began applying this body of work to her experiences in the classroom. Since then, she has taught countless classes and workshops to children and adults–from applied work in the classroom and the workplace, to specialized classes in the context of the theater.

As a performer, Carrie is constantly amazed to see a bare stage and a few chairs transform into a magical world supported by the limitless imagination of the audience. She performs regularly with ragtag improv, and her past groups include the San Francisco Improv Collective, Shut Up and Kiss Me, Points of View, and Tiny Godzilla. Carrie has been honored to share the stage as a guest performer with The Iron Stage, Phasers on Stun, and the BATS Main Stage Company.