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Frequently Asked Questions about BATS Improv Shows

What time does the show start?
Friday and Saturday Main Stage Company shows start at 8pm. Sunday shows generally start at 7pm. For more box office information, click here. To see the show calendar, click here.

How long does the show last?
Friday and Saturday Main Stage Company shows are about an hour and 45 minutes. Sunday student shows are about an hour and a half. 
Since every show is completely improvised, times will vary. Most shows have a 10-minute intermission.

Do you serve alcohol or food?
Yes, we serve beer and wine (no drink minimum!) plus coffee, sodas, candy, cookies, and other tasty snacks. Our Cafe is open before the show and during intermission. All proceeds help support our non-profit theatre company.

Is there reserved seating?
All seating
including advance purchased tickets is general admission and there is no reserved seating. To purchase tickets, go to the show calendar page and click on the show you are interested in. Click on "Buy Now" to place and review your order.

Do I need to purchase my ticket in advance?
Buying advance on line tickets is a great choice because you are guaranteed a seat AND tickets are discounted from the door price. We highly recommend advance purchase for our most popular shows: tournament semi-finals and finals, and special guest shows. To see a list of ticket buying options, click here.

Do you have group discounts?
Yes, we offer discount tickets for groups of 15 or more. Email lisa@improv.org to make arrangements.

Are BATS shows appropriate for kids?
BATS has
welcomed theatergoers of all ages for over twenty years.  Kids and teens tend to really enjoy our shows and occasionally we'll perform a scene or game with them on stage (but only if they volunteer). However, please keep in mind that our shows are completely improvised and that we have no idea what the content is going to be (though we usually don't go out of our way to be raunchy or explicit). Generally, our shows would be rated "PG-13" but uultimately, we can't make any guarantees regarding "appropriateness."

What is improv theatre? Is it like stand-up comedy?
Each and every BATS show is completely improvised--no two shows are the same. It is different from stand-up or sketch comedy as the performers are take audience suggestions and make up the content on the fly. At BATS, we produce improv shows in a variety of formats.  Our signature is Theatresports, a fun, fast-paced improv/comedy competition between two teams performing improvised scenes, songs, and games.  We're also known for our "long-form" shows, which are more like improvised stage plays or movies. 
Long-forms come in a variety of genres: from Murder Mysteries to Musicals.

Will I have to get on stage and do stuff?
No, audience members are never put on the spot or dragged on stage. Usually, we like to draw inspiration from our audiences by asking them for suggestions to start our scenes.  Occasionally, we may ask for audience members to come up on stage to participate in a scene or game, but it's completely voluntary.

Is there anyplace to eat nearby?
You can always grab a snack at our café either before the show or during intermission, but for a more complete list of nearby restaurants, click here.

How do I get to the theater? What about parking?
Click here for directions. The lot closest to the theater is a paid lot and you can click here for rates.  Sometimes,
the main parking lot can get full on nights when there are multiple events at Fort Mason Center. For alternate and free parking, you can often park in the Marina Green parking lot, directly adjacent to the Center. Be sure to read the signs for restrictions.

I have extra tickets I can't use. Do you offer a refund?
All ticket sales are final; we do not offer refunds.

How do I use a Guest Ticket or other complimentary pass? Do I have to make a reservation?
Guest passes can be redeemed at the box office the night of the show. However, we don't accept reservations
for complimentary passes nor can we guarantee seating. Complimentary passes are not redeemable at shows marked "no passes" (posted at the door and/or on the show web page) nor at "special guest" shows featuring non-BATS groups or players.

Can I still use my Groupon Tickets?
Unfortunately, all Groupon promotions have expired
and Groupon tickets are not redeemable.

I have a suggestion, idea or complaint. Who do I tell?
We'd love to hear from you. Feedback, both positive and negative, helps us offer a better theater experience for our patrons. Drop us an email at bats@improv.org.

I went to a show and it looks like fun. How can I perform on the BATS stage?

We offer classes for folks with all levels of improv experience. Auditions for the Main Stage Company Guest Program are held once a year in April and are highly competitive. If you have questions about classes contact lisa@improv.org.  If you have questions about auditions contact bats@improv.org.

Do you guys perform at corporate events and private parties?
Absolutely. BATS On-The-Go can bring an improv show to your private party, company, or organization. For private shows, click here. In addition, our On-The-Go team can also bring fun, interactive trainings and team building to your work. For more info on trainings, click here.

What's with the name? What does "BATS" stand for?
BATS Improv used to be called "Bay Area Theatresports;" hence the clever "BATS" acronym. But we found that lots of people had no idea that "Bay Area Theatresports" was improv, and lots of folks knew us simply as "BATS" anyway, so we changed our name to "BATS Improv" in 2002. For BATS' history, click here.