Kasey Klemm

BATS Company member since: 2000
BATS Coach since: 2000
Facebook: Kasey Klemm

Artistic Director, 2011 - Present

Kasey has been improvising since he and fellow high school ne'er-do-well Mike Barnett started the Devil Mountian Improv League in early 1997. Kasey came to BATS in the Spring of the same year, taking his first ever improv class from Barbara Scott. In the Fall of 2000 Kasey was invited to join the BATS Main Stage Company--an invitation he gladly accepted.

Kasey has performed with BATS Sunday Players, The Belfry (BATS former Thursday night ensemble), and the Long-Form groups People of Earth! and Improv Factory Outlet. In addition to being a coach with BATS Improv School, Kasey is original cast member of The A**hole Monologues.

Kasey's Upcoming Performances:

4/25/2014 (8:00 PM) - Super Scene Buy Tickets...

Kasey's Upcoming Classes:

5/8/2014 (7:00 PM) - Studio Scenework in Palo Alto
5/21/2014 (7:00 PM) - Meisner for Improv

Q & A with Kasey Klemm

First BATS Show: 

1995; Monday Night Theatersports at the Bayfront on a high school field trip.

Favorite Formats: 

Director's Cut!, Theatresports, Improvised Hitchcock, The Harold, and anything without a script.

Best Moment on the BATS Stage: 

Getting the direction, "Bore the audience" from Keith Jonstone during Sunday Player Micetro.

Improv Advice: 

Allow the audience to watch you.

Artistic Influences: 

Keith Johnstone, Steve Martin, Dave Letterman, David Sedaris, Bob & David, and all the old-school sitcoms.

Favorite Movie: 

House of Games by David Mamet

Favorite Music:  

Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Matchbox Twenty, Liz Phair, Dan Bern

Favorite Theatre: 

Improvised Theatre