Dave Dennison

BATS Company member since: 1998
BATS Coach since: 2004
Facebook: Dave Dennison

Dave Dennison describes improvisational theater as his first love. He has performed with many groups including True Fiction Magazine, Scratch Theater, Start Trekkin', The Particulars, Hey You, and The Travellers.

Dave has appeared in the short films World Record Guy and Troubadour and in the feature film Security and has appeared on the packaging of Palm products. He's also appeared in a few viral videos recently.

In his spare time, Dave enjoys woodworking and walking. Teasing Dave makes him confused and angry. Please keep fingers and hands away from Dave's mouth.


Dave's Upcoming Performances:

4/25/2014 (8:00 PM) - Super Scene Buy Tickets...

Dave's Upcoming Classes:

5/29/2014 (7:00 PM) - Studio Scenework
6/24/2014 (7:00 PM) - Foundation 3
8/15/2014 (10:00 AM) - 3-Day Intensive - Elements of Long Form

Q & A with Dave Dennison

First BATS Show: 

1993, probably Theatresports, at the Bayfront on a Monday night

Favorite Formats: 

Long-Form--especially Family Drama, and Theatresports

Best Moment on the BATS Stage: 

Whatever's going to happen next!

Improv Advice: 

Do as much Improv as you can. Be loud!

Artistic Influences: 

Coffee. People on buses. Infomercials.

Favorite Movies: 

Waiting For Guffman, Gamera vs. Guiron, Hot Rods To Hell