Tim Orr

BATS Company member since: 1989
BATS Coach since: 1991
Website: http://www.3forall.com
Facebook: Tim Orr

Tim has improvised since 1988 with many San Francisco-based groups, including BATS Improv, Rafe Chase's groundbreaking long form troupe Improv Theatre, the renowned True Fiction Magazine, and with the acclaimed troupe 3 For All.  In 2009, he founded a new improv group, the Improv Playhouse of San Francisco. 


He has appeared in numerous plays in the San Francisco Bay Area, and received critical acclaim for his leading roles in the improvised feature films, Suckerfish and Security.   With Stephen Kearin, Tim co-wrote, and originated the role of Dirk Manly in, An Evening with Dirk & Blaine. 


Tim has performed (and taught) improvisation at the American Conservatory Theatre, BATS Improv, Stanford University, and many other venues nationally (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Austin, Louisville, Atlanta, etc.) and internationally (Amsterdam, Beirut, Helsinki, Leuven, London, Paris, Stockholm). He has served many times as the Director of the BATS Long-Form Intensive programs.



Tim's Upcoming Performances:

5/30/2014 (8:00 PM) - 3 FOR ALL (Special Guests) Buy Tickets...
5/31/2014 (8:00 PM) - 3 FOR ALL (Special Guests) Buy Tickets...
6/1/2014 (2:00 PM) - 3 FOR ALL (Special Guests) Buy Tickets...

Tim's Upcoming Classes:

8/22/2014 (10:00 AM) - Playing the Lead

Q & A with Tim Orr

First BATS Show:  

I first saw a show in 1988 at The Climate Theater (now Venue 9). I was amazed by the commitment to relationship and story demonstrated by the improvisers, and immediately signed on for my first BATS class.

Favorite Formats: 

Long-Form improvisation of all formats and genres (Shakespeare, Film Noir, etc.), the "Family Drama" shows staged as plays on a single set, Theatersports.

Best Moment on the BATS Stage: 

My single most memorable moment came not during a show, but during a class. Everything slowed down for me in a tangible and magical way (similar to what athletes call "the zone") and I knew in that moment that anything that I did on stage was OK, good enough, watchable. Though I've never experienced the exact same moment again, the feeling of well-being has never left me.

Improv Advice: 

Improv is about playing someone who is someplace, not about being clever.

Artistic Influences: 

In improv: Rafe Chase, Stephen Kearin and Regina Saisi. In comedy in general: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck. In acting: Jean-Louis Barrault, Jason Robards and Ruth Gordon. In music: Joni Mitchell.

Favorite Movies: 

Les Enfants du Paradis, A Thousand Clowns, Harold & Maude, Casablanca, Alien, The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Favorite Music: 

Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Sweeney Todd soundtrack.

Favorite Theatre: 

Henry IV -- Part I, The Time of Your Life, Angels in America, Sweeney Todd (with George Hearn)