Lisa Rowland

BATS Company member since: 2007
BATS Coach since: 2008
Facebook: Lisa Rowland

Lisa began improvising in high school and fell in love with it in college as a member of the Stanford Improvisors, studying under Patricia Ryan Madson.  Her first theatrical training was in scripted drama and she was an active member of the drama department while she was at Stanford - performing in various productions from contemporary to classical - and would love to continue pursuing scripted acting in addition to her work as an improviser.

Lisa is also the registrar and a coach at the BATS School of Improv, and she works as a trainer on the BATS Improv On-The-Go team. She has performed with The Un-Scripted Theater Company, Beatnik Syndicate, How We First Met and No Nude Men Productions, and is the coach of the improv teams at both Hillsdale High School and Aragon High School in San Mateo.

Lisa's Upcoming Performances:

4/26/2014 (8:00 PM) - Spring Musical Buy Tickets...

Lisa's Upcoming Classes:

8/29/2014 (10:00 AM) - Music Bootcamp

Q & A with Lisa Rowland

First BATS Show: Theatresports in 1997 Favorite Formats: 

Murder Mystery, Shakespeare, Theatresports, Harold

Best Moment on the BATS Stage: 

I cannot pick one.  But I do remember a bizarre scene called "Pancake In A Minute" that made me laugh until I cried.

Improv Advice: 

Don't wait until you're a confident improviser to act like a confident improviser. Be changed.

Artistic Influences: 

Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, the BATS Main Stage company players

Favorite Movies: 

Noises Off!, Hook, Shawshank Redemption, The Princess Bride

Favorite Music: 

I generally listen to whatever's on the radio.  Queen is one of my favorite bands.  I enjoy songs that tell stories, and I have an unhealthy love of Lite Rock.

Favorite Theatre: 

I love Shakespeare as well as a whole smattering of contemporary theater.  I'm a big theatre fan, so anything that tells a good story and takes some risks is my kind of show.