Gerri Lawlor

BATS Company member since: 1992
BATS Coach since: 1992

Gerri Lawlor took her first improv class during high school in 1986, and has been addicted ever since. She has been a member of BATS since the 1990s and also works in scripted theatre and as a voice actor.

She is the co-creator of the fictitious Simlish language, used in the popular video game The Sims, and supplies the voice for several of the Sims characters.

Other performing credits include starring as Elizabeth Goodman in the deconstructive comedic film Suckerfish, the voice of "The Bully" in the animated short Hubert's Brain. Gerri is also co-founder of Tonal Chaos, which was created to expand the study and performance of song improvisation. Gerri is involved in the music groups Tonal Chaos and The Sexy Lilliputians.