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Mission Statement

As the leading center for improvisational theatre on the West Coast, our mission is to:

> Perform, teach, develop, and promote improvisational theatre
> Be loose and have fun
> Create phenomenal improv
> Run fast to help audience, students, and clients
> Create strong and exciting improvisers
> Entertain and surprise audiences and ourselves
> And give generously to others

Core Values

> Improv – We love the art and practice of improvising.
> Telling Stories – We focus our work on discovering and telling stories.
> Fun – We delight in the enjoyment of ourselves, our audience, our coaches, our staff, our clients, and our students.
> Inspirational Environment – We foster trust, generosity, and shared vision to create a fun place to perform, teach, and learn improvisational theatre.
> Risk Taking – We encourage innovation through experimentation, boldness and variety in our work, performances and formats.
> Excellence – We expect each performer, coach, student and staff member to reach their own highest level of success.
> Financial Stability – We enable the growth of our self-supporting organization through our theater and school.

BATS' Style

BATS-style improv is theatre that tells a story collaboratively. From comedy to drama, short scenes to full length epics these stories engage and entertain audiences with rich characters and relationships.